About Edie Webber….

If we get the chance to work together, I think you should know a little more about me.
My current state of happiness and realized dreams is the hard won result of a lifetime journey. I have been involved with real estate my entire career and believe it the best investment most families will ever make. I have a wonderful family, 1 husband, 3 boys, 2 horses, 2 dogs, 10 to 12 cows on any given day, and a donkey that is trespassing. I live in Paradise Texas (yes it is) enjoy foxhunting, dressage, and the outdoor life.me-and-donte

Although I do enjoy an insane amount of joy, love, prosperity, health and happiness, this was not always the case. We all go thru things, all of us are or have been members of the “walking wounded”.
My ignorant bliss came to a crashing halt shortly after I got married and then pregnant (yes in that order). Although married a wonderful loving man, a total lack of being prepared for adulthood threw us into instant financial turmoil that took everything we had. I was defeated before I really ever got in the game.

At the naive age of 22 I was totally hopeless. Homeless, broke, a huge growing belly to remind me daily that there was another dilemma coming.
So this is when God and I had a serious “come to Jesus” meeting. I had proudly struck out on my own and failed miserably. My anticipated launch into adulthood was a disaster. I knew I was beyond my resources and abilities. So I begged God to take care of me, my family, and my new baby as I had botched it badly. He heard me, or rather, I heard Him for the first time. I felt his promise that He would never leave me or forsake me. I was a child of the King.

So my launch was a disaster, but who says we can’t start over? And over, and over, if need be. I began my life as a real estate entrepreneur. Which led to bigger opportunities and more success over the years.

Fast forward to now: I enjoy a successful Real Estate career, own the nationwide Pinnacle Relocation Services and a real estate brokerage( www.PinnacleRelo.com), invest in real estate and team with my husband Brian of 30 plus years, who works the numbers as our  Mortgage Loan Officer with Gold Financial.  We enjoy working with each other and with our clients.
I live a life of gratefulness. Grateful for everything: the trees, sunshine, coffee, wine, hot water heaters, air conditioned seats in my car…. Loving life begins with loving the beauty and people that surround us daily. When you can lay in your warm bed, with your covers up to your nose, grateful that you woke up, grateful for the snores of the man next to you, grateful for the creaking floorboards upstairs as your children move about, love the sunshine coming thru the window…. and it’s just a typical Monday morning… you have truly found happiness.

I whisper “Thank you Lord for the blessing in my life”