Top 3 Reasons a Physician May Pass on Great Offer (and what you can do about it)

and what they may not be telling you…

As a recruiter, you may be scratching your head at why your Physician Candidate turned down a really great offer…. Here are 3 of the most common, but unspoken, reasons a candidate may not accept a very good offer and some strategies to overcome their intangible objections.

No Path for Progress

We are all happiest when we are challenged and have a goal to work towards.  We crave autonomy and for our ideas to be valued and applied. We want to be significant and we want to matter, we want to make a difference.  We enjoy the journey of working towards a goal, even if we grumble about it.
For over-achievers like doctors, given the opportunity to achieve more and a path for growth is what they crave. An offer that may include an opportunity for equity in the practice, or a path to department head,  develop / enhance their specialty within the group/ practice , etc.  This can mean so much more so that the compensation.

What can you do? Ask your hiring director to include a path for progress in the offer.

The New Team 
Like it or not, the new position is populated with the physician’s new family.  The Physician will spend more waking hours with their fellow staff members than with their own family. They must feel wanted, appreciated, and welcomed. They need to get a very good first impression. There must be an unspoken affinity for the new team they will be drafted into. This is an intangible part of the interview that the recruiter has little to no control over. However, making sure the candidate feels highly valued and important during the interview process goes a long way to building a good relationship and great first impression.
What can you do? Talk up the team. Make sure the initial interview is well organized. Ask the HR Director to include a welcome gift basket in their hotel room for the initial interview. Ask the HR Director to make sure the staff knows the candidate’s name and greets them by name during their onsite walk-thru. Ensure the interviewer asks about the candidate’s spouse and children.  No one cares what you know until they know that you care.


Stress of Moving
Moving and a Job Change rank number 3 and 5 on the scale of life’s most stressful events…. Just behind Death of a Spouse and Major Illness.  As a recruiter, this is what you are selling, a major stress inducer.  You can do a lot to ease that stress by making sure the candidate feels safe and cared for (like using Pinnacle Relocation Services to make their life easier) . A successful initial area home tour also acclimates them to the new environment and helps to reduce stress.
What can you do? Subsequent follow up contact should stress the fun / great parts about living in the new hometown.  Talk about what a great group of people the practice has. This will subtly bring  confidence to their decision and reduce “what if ” thinking.  Remind them the Pinnacle is here to help make moving easier and will help take care of them.