Redefining Relocation

Concierge Relocation Service

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Pinnacle Relocation Services is dedicated to providing careful and thoughtful attention to detail for the clients entrusted to our care.  

We provide the solution to the stressful ancillary problem that come with accepting a new position in a new town.

We also work closely with our Professional Recruiter Client to attract and retain the best talent. 

Your job? Persuade them to work there. 

Our job? Help them to live there.  And then make it happen.  

 … which is very easy as we are a dedicated team of people eager to help your client and family. 

Our focus is to help your client feel welcomed and wanted.  

There are many moving parts and a family to consider when accepting a new position. We help to make that an easy decision.

Pinnacle will expertly manage the logistics of the move and help with family with all of their real estate and mortgage needs. 

We take great care of your people.
See our hands on approach from start to finish.

Services Provided

Area Home Tour

We arrange for local are tours of homes within easy commute of new employer.  We see local schools, shops, and more. We coordinate tours with local neighborhood real estate experts that are very familiar with the new area. 

Concierge Client Care

Client Coordinator will ensure open communication and adherence to timeline. There are many moving parts within relocation; the client coordinator makes sure everyone is in the loop and details are not overlooked.

Home Buyer Representation

Securing a new home can be difficult, especially when your new physicians are moving to an unfamiliar area.  We are experts at securing them a new home in today’s tough seller’s market with favorable buyer terms 

Marketing Service

The Pinnacle Home Marketing Service is a comprehensive program designed to market and sell your relocating physician’s home quickly and for maximum value.  We offer Discounted Listing Fees.  

Contract Consulting

 Clients receive Relocation Contract Negotiation help to secure the best possible price for their home and for the new home purchase.

Close out Service

Full Close Out Service allows your Physician to leave for new position and we will take care of finishing the closing out of their existing home on their behalf.   Concierge closing is also offered, close at location convenient to client. 


Home Loan Approvals have been very difficult in the past for new professionals entering the work force. We have industry specific mortgages to help new professionals qualify and purchase their new home with little to no money down.   

Move Management

 Clients receive discounted estimates from reliable movers. We help manage the move from door to door. 

Discounted Service Fees

Your client receives outstanding service and saves money. Discounted real estate transaction fees are itemized below.  

Dollar Value of Pinnacle Relocation Benefits


  • Discounted Mortgage Origination and Transaction Fees (up to $500)
  • 50% off Appraisal Fees ($250 value)
  • One Year of Home Warranty Coverage ($500 value)
  • Closing Costs Credit (up to $1,000 or more)
  • Discounted Title Escrow Fees ($100- $300 value)
  • Discounted Home Inspection Fee ($75 value)
  • Close at your office. Concierge Closing Services ($200 Value)


  • Discounted Listing Service (up to $5,000 value)
  • Guaranteed Buyout if home does not sell
  • Full Close Out Service. Pinnacle will complete the closing obligations on behalf of seller after buyer contract is executed.
  • Free Professional Photography Session ($199 value)
  • Close at your new office. Concierge Closing Services ($200 Value) 


  • Personal Client Coordinator
  • Lease Now, Purchase Later Program available (select the home of your choice for sale, credit and location criteria)
  • Free Lease Application ( up to$100 value, refunded after lease is approved)
  • Credit Repair Service ( $200 Discount)
  • Moving Discount

Expert Move Management 

We partner with the nation’s premier moving company to ensure your household is carefully packed, gently shipped, and placed where you direct. Just point. We do the rest.